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While we work on the last details on the admin side, we prepared the Facebook Fan page. nothing fancy, really, but enough to gather the first impressions about our new gaming portal, You can like our page here: Feel also free to share the link with all your friends 😉

Gamers, brace yourselves! At we are gamers too! and we love to read news and watch gaming related videos just as anybody else. This is why we are excited to present our new project:! The new website will be directly managed by us and a partner, and will focus on gaming news, gaming tips and of course videos of gaming sessions. At the moment we are still modifying the template and inserting content, but we count to be online for the end of the month, so keep an eye on the link! Are you a gamer and want to show the world your gaming skills? Let’s talk about it!

The end of Summer is upon us, but we didn’t go on vacation this year, since we had some projects in the pipeline… The new project is a complete website design for a small but growing construction company based in Berlin, Guels Immobilien GmbH. Being this their first website, we opted for a WordPress platform which is very easy to administer and eventually change the design of. What was really important for the customer, was the fact that they wanted to easily update the projects they are working on, showing some “before-after” pictures as reference of their work. This is very important in the real estate business, so the major focus of the design if of course the project gallery. Another focus is the incredibly long and complete list of services they can offer, which of course got its separate page, too. The website will be online in a couple…

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Today we relaunch officially our website, based on WordPress (! The new platform will allow us to be more interactive with our customers and clients, and push even more our international expansion, not only targeting Germany and Europe, but expanding our operations in South America! Feel free to contact us for a free quote!


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